Where’s The Old Stuff?

Some of you have been asking “Where’s The Beef”…  Not in the real beef of course, but you have been asking what happened to all the good stuff from the previous site(s)?

For those of you that have been following Rick Rosen for the last few years, you will remember the interview with Mario Andretti. The talks with Randy Bernard from the PBR. The discussions with the cowboys of the NFR.  Live driver updates from NASCAR and IndyCar Las Vegas.  The good stuff like that. What Happened to That “Stuff”?

For a variety of reasons we will not get into specifics, but just say we had to make a clean slate and get everything back under our control.  We now have as much as we possibly could salvage from the previous broadcasts and website servers of  “The Vegas Strip Radio” and have it here.  Unfortunately, that’s currently not a lot.  We regret to say that we have lost a lot of the great Vegas Sports broadcasts and photos of years past.

What Was Lost

1) We lost the dozens of interviews we had recorded with 3 Time PBR World Champion Andriana Morais – We had interviews with him even before he could speak very good English!

2) When Rick Rosen was broadcasting from the Mandalay Bay Sportsbook, he had interviews with PBR CEO Randy Bernard, legendary Bull Fighter Rob Smets, most of the original PBR founders including Ty Murray.

3) All the photo galleries from almost 10 years of Professional Bull Riders (PBR) in Las Vegas. (some can be reconstructed over time)

3) Interviews with legendary cowboys of the National Finals Rodeo also visited with Rick over the years and those were lost as well.

4) Interviews with racing legends like Mario Andretti, Tony Stewart, and Richard Petty at the Las Vegas MotorSpeedway.

I know I have not listed half of the topics Rick lost. But to us and to you, what is listed above were the most popular and most viewed/downloaded content on the old site(s).

Editors Note: Rick is still good friends with all these great athletes and will invite them all back on the air again as they pass through Las Vegas for various sporting events.

So did we lose a lot of content when the old Vegas Strip Radio site crashed and was wiped out?  Yes.  Too much to even inventory or to worry about now.  We learned many lessons in the transition and the re-boot.  We still have a few pieces of content we are piecing together from other sources and will re-publish soon.

For our faithful followers, we may have lost some of your “Best of” material, we are sorry for that.  Moving forward, we are now capable of creating, controlling and managing our content better and making better, more memorable broadcasts, interviews and interactive sporting material for your enjoyment.

The good news and moving forward is that we have the new and improved Good Sports Media website, podcast, and YouTube Channel!  Everything is now in the capable hands of one webmaster, one host, and one producer. With backups!  So it won’t happen again!!

I hope this helps answer the question, “Where’s the old stuff?”

Any Questions? Hit the contact Us and I will be happy to answer them.

Mark Anthony
Good Sports Media