Want the Boxer or the Puncher? Good Sports for the week 4/23/15

Floyd Mayweather Boxing Las vegas

On Saturday, May 2, Manny Pacquiao will meet Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas for what is termed THE boxing match of this young century and the one match that will determine the future of the sport of boxing.  Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony of Good Sports Media takes on the challenge of breaking down the match and the players including boxing judge Kenny Bayless.

And if you really look past the headlines, there is actually other sports news out there as well as other sporting events in Las vegas that weekend. Including the greatest two minutes in sports, the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby.  That should make that weekend one of the busiest and most profitable for the Las Vegas Sportsbooks.

  • Is this boxing match the last hurrah for the sport of boxing?
  • The WNBA having Domestic Violence issues just like the NBA with star Brittney Griner
  • Tommy John surgery may hurt or help the Mets and Yankees
  • What is “Tommy John surgery”?
  • Pro Bull Riders (PBR) and career-long injuries
  • Pete Rose making steps back in the world of Major League Baseball. Is he forgiven??
  • Pete Rose returns may help clean up the image of baseball
  • Barry Bonds felony obstruction conviction overturned. Cooperstown his next stop?
  • The Vegas Lions meets their toughest opponent in the APLF this weekend.
  • Las Vegas will be flooded with people for the fight weekend and you can still feel safe because of our METRO security teams