Post Super Bowl Commentary and Sports Updates

By now, everyone pretty well agrees that the last minute Fup-Uck at the one yard line will go down as the absolute worst play in Super Bowl (or football) history.  But will it cause heads to roll?  People to lose their jobs?  Change teams??  Time will tell.  But it was bad for the sport of professional football.

We even hit on Reggie Bush and his continuous stream of stupid moves and responses…  You can take the boy out of the hood, just can’t seem to get the hood out of the boy…

Labron James is making a comeback of sorts.  Getting positive press coverage and that can be a good thing. Especially since Koby Bryant is sidelined and looking at the exit doors really carefully this season.  the NBA could use some good news from its players… .

NASCAR coming to Las Vegas. Rick Rosen has a hat signed by 16 Indy Cup champions or celebrities as well as wanting Jeff Gordon to cut his hair in honor of Saint Baldrick Day. The day to raise funds and awareness for children with cancer. The hair shaved on March 7th is used to make wigs for kids going through chemotherapy and losing their natural hair. 

March 7th is also the 21st anniversary of Rick Rosen’s recovery from breast cancer.  Yes, men get breast cancer too!

Soccer is big talk in Las Vegas as the mayor tries to shove a taxpayer funded stadium down our throats. Meanwhile, a privately paid for arena is being built on the Las Vegas Strip and looks like it will be home to a NHL team in las Vegas

Did we mention USA Rugby 7 is in town next week??  Now that’s a sport!!