New Month, Not Much New Sports!! GSM 06/05/15

The first of June, the NBA Playoffs are not at the pinnacle yet, still some wiggle room. Nothing exciting there. Its like we are caught between several big events and nothing right now… The NHL Playoffs are about the same… And maybe a chance for a Triple Crown Winner… Maybe it’s that first burst of Las Vegas Summer Heat, but we just haven’t much to get excited about thats new or noteworthy (for us)…. But not for a lack of trying!!

    • Rick thinks American Pharoah will become the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years.
      Hopefully the horse racing commissions will fix the problem soon and return the glory back to the events of horse racing.
    • A lot of the players we saw at Basketball USA in Las Vegas, are showing up in the NMA finals.
      That’s why we love Las Vegas being a neutral sports town!
    • The Chicago Blackhawks are gunning for another chance to hoist the NHL Stanley Cup over their heads!!
    • NASCAR officials have played with the rules too many times and now the drivers want a say with a Drivers Association.
      Good Move.  everyone else has a say in the rules and regulations. Why not those who put their necks on the line??
    • WSOP is back in Las Vegas. Meaning the real good players are fishing for riches in the Strips’ poker rooms.
    • Rick is filled with great stories and this week is no exception. How about a photo shoot with Phil Ivey??
    • Las Vegas minor league affiliate team, Area 51’s, has some of the hottest players in the Major Leagues.  Just no place to put them with the Met’s…
    • .
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So here are rick’s Predictions:

  • Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup
  • Golden State Warriors to take the NBA Finals
  • American Pharoah to win the Belmont and be a triple Crown Winner

Is He right??