Yogi Berra Thoughts and Other Good Sports Updates


We say goodbye to three professional sports legends this week. Also catching up with the Pro Bull Riders (PBR) as they head into the World Finals here in Las Vegas later in October.  Doing a roundup of all the other interesting professional sports tidbits, police reports and other sporting news that peaks our interest! It’s The Good Sports Media Podcast for September 24, 2015 – with Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony

Show Notes

  • Baseball legend Yogi Berra passed away – Made it to 14 World Series  in 18 seasons!
  • “Mr Hockey” Gordie Howe is doing fine after second round of stem-cell treatment in Mexico
  • Moses Malone, first NBA player to get drafted in high school, has passed away.
  • Zelmo Beaty ?? Anyone??
  • Darryl Dawkins, NBA legend also known as “Chocolate Thunder” passed away last month at 58 years old
  • PBR champion JB Mauney back in first place with points but no in the money.
  • Joao Ricardo Vieira nipping at JB’s heels in second place!
  • PBR World Finals coming to Las Vegas October 21-25
  • Friendly shout out to the talented PBR Reporter Lea Garcia
  • NHL star Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks. The rape kit found on doorstep of supposed victim
  • Dom suh is highest-paid defensive player in NFL history.  Has only 2 tackles with the Miami Dolphins!
    2 tackles and being paid $114 million over 6 years
  • Colorado Rockies congratulate the winners, the Pirates in classy manner
  • The Minnesota Twins could be in a wildcard playoff position?  or Astros (American league)
  • Las Vegas 51’s, the farm team for the Mets, many players called up to the majors to create the winning team!
  • Chicago Cubs have a winning attitude and its showing.
  • Rick predicted that Bluejays would surge and make playoffs comes true
  • Solving the popularity problem with the MLB ALl Star Game.
    How to make the inter-league games be meaningful by making it matter
  • Hockey is about to warm up


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