Vegas Boy Gets NASCAR Champ and other sports stuff- GSM 11/23/15

NASCAR Champ Kyle Busch

The Birthday boy Rick Rosen is fired up and ready for another Good Sports Update.  Be careful we have a lot to cover, so watch for name dropping, trivia highlights and a few bad jokes we launch into another exciting podcast!

Our beloved host and senior member of the Good Sports Media team, Rick Rosen turns 62 today!

Kyle Busch is a great racer and holds the honor of the only racer to get into a serious accident because there was no SAFER Barrier installed then to come back and to win the championship because there was a SAFER Barriers on the race tracks. Here is a real good YouTube video that explains the man behind that barrier and how it came to be. So you will be better armed when Rick goes off on his SAFER Barrier tangents… Great Video with Dr Sicking and the Safer Barrier

Amazing how we now have the technology to go from virtually zero to 350MPH and back to zero in relative safety in less that 15 seconds and live to tell about it.  The human body and technology is an amazing combination!

Kyle Bush – Is a Las Vegas boy who grew up driving anything that had wheels.  And maybe other things… He was known as the bad boy of NASCAR.  Now he has a champion trophy to say he is The Offical Bad Boy of NASCAR!  From near career ending injury to Champions Circle in one spectacular season.  Amazing

Busche won in what was the last race for fan favorite and all around nice guy Jeff Gordon.  We look forward to what the future holds for this racing legend

What does former football coach Joe Gibbs know about NASCAR.  Apparently a lot.  His style of management is what helped create the modern version of racing and made Kyle Bush a champion

Unlike other sports we talk about, NASCAr has a lot of great talent coming up the ranks and ready to take the place of those who are retiring in the next few seasons.  No waiting to see them develop and mature. They are here and ready to race and win new fan loyalty.

Las Vegas will once again host NASCAR Champions Week. Dec 2-4 The top 16 drivers are here and ready to meet the fans and show off why they are the best in the business.

Check out this youTube Video: NASCAR Burnouts Las Vegas Strip 2014

Champions week in Vegas – Get personal with the top 16 drivers

NHL All-Star Week includes some 3 on 3 tournaments.  Bad idea…

College Football – Do we really need 40 Bowl Games?? Thats 80 teams… Try Quality over Quantity…

Notre Dame was Bowl Free for so long because Knut Rockne – For the Bowl game took He took the entire team early to the game for a month of practice!

NFL.  Are we seeing the passing of the torch??

Denver Payton Manning may no longer be “The Man”

We lost an honorable athlete and a generous man this week.  Mal Whitfield   3 gold Olympic Tuskegee airmen passed away at 93

NBA Golden State Warriors are HOT!! 16-0!!

Remembering Ricks interview with UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture and son

Rhonda Rousey? Waiting for 2nd rematch! Big Money coming back for that fight.

“Plans change when you hit someone” – Mike Tyson

LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant on his way out.  Kobe can’t be Kobe, so why Play??

Lots of Vegas boys came out good in national sports

Next up?? National Finals Rodeo!!  


That’s it. That’s A Wrap.  
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