There’s No Crying in Baseball! And other Good Sports Updates

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Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up… As if it was an updated scene from the Tom Hanks baseball movie  A League of Their Own (movie link)- You have Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores having an on-filed weepy moment when he learned that he may be heading to Milwaukee.  I can get that.  Who wants to go to Milwaukee when you are on the New York Mets?? Come’on!   Flores had been with the team since he started playing professionally at the age of 16, almost 8 years ago.  Still, there’s No Crying in Baseball!

Pro Golfer Tiger Woods is still in the game – Ranked 266th in the world. Oh how far the mighty have fallen!

Will she speak? Won’t she speak?  And what the NFL fears she will say about how dangerous the sport is? The Pro Football Hall of Fame has reversed field (again) and allowed Sydney Seau to speak at the induction ceremony of her father, the late Junior Seau, after initially saying she could not.

Junior Seau committed suicide and blamed it on his head concussions.  Hoping his death would spark changes in how players ijuries are dealt with after they retire.

Jets defensive end Shedlon Richardson rookie of the year – arrested for evading police with a loaded gun and running his Bentley Flying Spur at over  140 mph
Ronny Lott NFL Hall of fame cut off finger to play better
MLB Trade deadline explained – Time to dump bad/expensive players
Vegas Lions combine August 9
Chico boxing fight in las vegas
Dean Sicker SAFER barrier Saves lives

Deflate gate moves from Minnesota to New York – The Rant
Russel Wilson $80 million contract –
Pay scale goes up on new TV contract

Special Olympics now in Los Angeles


Anything we missed?