The SAFER Barrier and other Good Sports Updates



We know what you are thinking.  What the heck does a picture of a barrier at a race track have to do with Good Sports??  And what the heck is a SAFER Barrier anyway? Both good questions.

But first we need to mark the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Not sure why, but Rick thought it was important to note the anniversary of when a city built below sea level was finally and tragically flooded…

Being the proper media people that we are, we do want to bow our heads and offer a prayer to the families of the slain news reporter and camera guy killed by a mentally disturbed individual who believed the rhetoric that he was a victim of life and needed revenge… Alison Parker, a morning reporter for WDBJ7, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27.  Totally senseless loss

The SAFER Barrier

Dr Dean Sicking and his team at the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (now at the University of Alabama) created The Steel and Foam Energy Reduction Barrier. Also known as the SAFER barrier or the “soft wall” and was first installed at the Indianapolis Speedway in 2002. This barrier will absorb and reduce kinetic energy during the impact of an accident, and thus, lessen injuries sustained to drivers.

Dr Dean Sicking is working with our own Rick Rosen to do what he did for NASCAR, to do the same thing for transit bus stops in metropolitan areas.  Maybe even extend his technology to football helmets to help the NFL reduce the damage of player concussions.

Not sure, but the NFL could use something like the SAFER Barrier to deter the players from fraternizing with publicity-seeking females.  There has been a rash of players being accused, sued and caught with women who claim the players have raped them or abused them.  This may be true, or this may be just a rash of gold diggers seeking their moment in the spotlight and an opportunity to cash some big settlement checks.  But its been a busy pre-season year for the players and their legal teams fighting off suspensions and court dates because of it.

What Rick and Mark discuss is the fact that all this could have been prevented in college or before.  You have players who go from being a nobody with a scholarship to almost instant millionaire status with now training or trusted advisors early on to teach them the ropes.  Many will go from nothing to instant millionaires to nothing in a matter of a few years.

The NCAA and all their press material claiming they are their for the college athletes is Bull S*it.  The NCAA is only interested in the billions they can make off these college players.  Not giving them the needed foundation for their future after the spotlight is turned off.

You do have something like that with University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari, who believes the scholarship and the promise of a good education should be a lifetime guarantee.  Play hard now for us, get the education we promise you later. Then use t to pursue an occupation that will earn you a living wage after your days of playing are over. it should not be a one time, “here play and study and graduate at the same time while we cash checks you helped us make”

Maybe offer the star players a “Scared Straight” course on how to handle the money, the fame and the people who will be out there waiting to rob it all from you!  Get some homeless former star player to tell them the stories of going from college to the big game, all the trappings and how it’s all gone now…

We keep coming back to the freak INDY car accident that killed Justin Wilson and back to the SAFER Barrier. And how the SAFER barrier came about in some part because of the accident that killed NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt.

After winning the triple crown, American Pharoah‘s handlers feel they need to do one more race.  American Pharoah will be racing at racing the Travers at Saratoga.  A track that has not been good to past triple Crown winners.  And why risk it?? The horse is worth millions now. Retire and let the stud enjoy his winnings…

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