Take The Bribe, please ! GSM 05/29/15

FIFA Leader knows nothing

Now it’s complete, the world is run by very corrupt people who all have the same excuse when caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar;  “I KNOW NOTHING!” and the people the institutions they are supposed to be guarding and protecting still believe in them….    That’s what we lead off with on today’s Podcast.  The FIFA scandal and how it is big on a grand scale, here in America, our NCAA makes the FIFA scandal  look like chicken shit!

The FIFA scandal is a big deal.  But lets get real. When you look here in America, our NCAA makes the FIFA scandal  look like chicken shit!  Joseph “Sepp” Blatter has been president of FIFA, soccer’s global governing body, since 1998 and as seen in the latest news reports, is certainly a graduate of honors from the Bill Clinton School of Political Corruption, Crime and Charm. But that’s just the thoughts of Rick’s co-host Mark Anthony. Rick thinks otherwise and goes on a pretty good rant against the American athletic crime family known as the NCAA.

In other topics of interest

  • NBA finally uses the “C” word to describe Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson’s injury.  With clenched butt cheeks, the league announced that he has a concussion. This throws his status for Thursday’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals in doubt.
  • Minnesota Vikings may keep bad boy Adrian Peterson, even if Mr. Peterson says he wants out in every breath he takes. That should make for an interesting lineup this season if the Vikes stay true to their word and not trade the guy.
  • What were the Indy 500 people thinking?  No Jim Neighbors to sing at the opening of the Indianapolis 500?  Blasphemy!!
  • A-Rod still hitting them long and hard even when not doped up.
  • If the triple Crown chase was more fair, American Pharoah would be an easy 2015 Triple Crown winner
  • LaBron James makes his 5th NBA finals appearance with 2 teams.  Life is good for Labron!

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