Saving The Head -Good Sports Updates – Nov 6, 2016 | podcast

Saving The head - Podcast

This week at Good Sports Media, it was all about saving the head.  The one on top of your shoulders.  The fact is that most sports-related concussions in pro athletes are the result of years of abuse caused by the lack of proper protection during their youth activities.  That is carried on into college and even the practice right before a game or a fight.  We may have a solution to that.   And this week, Rick Rosen held a pow-wow for people in the related sports to talk about the latest technology for saving lives using the technology in the SAFER Barrier that is used in oval racing tracks.

But that’s not all. There is actual talk about actual sports that happened this week!

  • Mark and The Peanuts movie
  • The Dallas Cowboys owner calls the team’s newest domestic abuse player  a “Real leader” and signs him to a one-year contract. Checkout expose on Greg Hardy
  • Former Raiders player Anthony Wayne Smith convicted in 3 murders
  • NFL “Junior” Seau suicide may not be in vain

So here we stand with two hot topics:

  1. You have people we want to be aggressive on Sunday, but pussy cats the other 6 days of the week.  Can’t happen.  You can’t train someone to be a man-eater for a couple of days a week and a church-going choir boy the other times.  There is no switch on these players.Other than the pure thrill of the adventure, why do women cling to these men, knowing they are supposed to be big, bad and rough? Then think they will be romantic, soft and cuddly with you?  Again, the women seem to have this mentality that they could find that switch and turn off that aggression for awhile.  Why are they or we shocked when the woman ends up black and blue??
  2. How much of these aggression issues are caused or at least helped by the sustained head injuries/concussions they suffered over all the years of playing sports??

Rick Rosen has partnered with Dr Dean Sicking to take the SAFER Barrier technology and move into sports helmets.  Protecting the head and making youth sports much safer for all involved.  Listen to the podcast for more information

  • World Series champs KC Royals moves on to free trade/free agency qualifiers
  • What is a free agency qualifier and who would want one?? Its only $15.8 million for one year!
  • offers one year extension at a increase $15.8 million
  • Cardinals Jason Heyward worth 100 million in free agency


Photo: Tom Donoghue