Rick Rosen Talks Sports – 4/2/15


It’s time for another Good Sports Media Podcast with Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony!

So now the real games begin. The big betters and those who think they are the big dogs of the sportsbooks, head to las vegas for a weekend of pure adrenaline betting. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four!

So why do the media have to try to pull the coaches into politics?  Stupid.  But like always, the classy Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski tells the media to back off, stay clear of his boys and let them play the game. Its a game, let them have their moments of glory.

In the Final four, we have 2 southern teams and 2 northern teams.  A little interesting fact that we may have another North vs South war going on here!!

Tom Brady likes to enjoy his money with his family.  So he takes them on a vacation where a video surfaces with him cliff diving and the world goes nuts.  This is the greatest football player of all times?  We like the music, but his form needs a little work…

PBR is coming to Las Vegas for Spring break.  What started out as a filler for the year is now a full-fledged weekend of parties and bull riding.  Yes, we will be there to cover the festivities.

With all the focus on Men’s College basketball, how about the women’s version?  Yea, not a peep out of them… Title IV helps fund sports that have no fan base.  So the more money they make from the men’s side at tournaments, some of that has to be spent on the women’s side.  Just because.

What is the correlation between big sporting events and depression?  Apparently a lot.  So say the experts.

Did you know that the way you bet and how the winners are paid differs by the sporting event you are betting on?

The best thing about lifting the Cuban embargo?  A new crop of talent for professional sports.  These are players who want to play for the love of the game, not necessarily so much about the money.

Next Friday, April 10, We Will be At Twin Peaks – Henderson for a live remote broadcast.

The broadcast is in conjunction with a remote broadcast for the home opener of The vegas Lions Football 

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