Rick Rosen Talks Sports 3/26/15


Deep into the NCAA March Madness here in Las Vegas and welcome back for another Rick Rosen, Good Sports Media Podcast!

Down to the Sweet 16 and Kentucky is still in the hunt. But wait! UNC’s former coach Dean Smith leaves $200 to his players in His will! Rick calls that a classy act unheard of in the sport. What else does the all-knowing Rick Rosen say about this guy, his team and the sport he loved so much? A Lot!!

If you have followed us this long, then you know that to Rick, it’s more than just a game.  Professional Sports is His life and he knows the players, the people and remembers it all.  This starts another trip down memory lane that keeps getting better with each episode.  So if you want more than just the sports news and headlines, you need to hear our podcast!

We are down to the Sweet 16 and most brackets have been busted.  It’s one of those years in the NCAA Tournament.  Will the dark horse play it to the end? What about the players. The grind this has to be for them.  In the spotlight, your final game and it’s for all the gold.  Only one team can win, the rest will have to claim the losers slot. Is that a burden they must carry??

A flashback to when Michael Jordon was a benchwarmer making the shot that made him famous.  Yea, we love those flashbacks.  For Rick tells the story and the people that were in it.  It’s not just reading the press releases.  But the real story.

After the basketballs stop dribbling, it’s on to horse racing and their finest hours coming quickly.  The Kentucky Derby and maybe the chase for a triple crown. The Derby means another big day for the Vegas’ sportsbooks!

Vegas had a dog track?  Yes, and a grand Prix track on the Strip.  Remember when??  Rick does.

Carolyn Goodman as good as her Husband, Oscar Goodman?  Hmmm….  Maybe,. maybe not.  The Las Vegas Soccer Stadium may be her undoing.  or will it?  Why is the stadium deal a take it all or nothing deal?  Can’t we get a community stadium to include the UNLV to help share the cost??

The ghost of AG Sponos and the Triple Team Stadium Debacle in Los Angeles.

We can’t go without a little update about the UFC and TUFF

Did you know that Las Vegas has an Arena Football team that is co-owned by Vince Neil?  Yea, THAT Vince Neil. The Las Vegas Outlaws

All that and so much more in 48 minutes.  Listen to the Podcast !