Pro Bull Riding, A-Rod and all the Good Sports Stories of 7/25/15

PBR Las Vegas - Podcast

Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony take a look at the topics of interest this week in sports.

Along the way, Rick makes a few predictions that usually come out true.  Get into some stories about players and people long forgotten and catch up on what’s making the headlines now in sports.

Somehow we get A-Rod in baseball and setting records at 40 right next to Bushwacker, the greatest bull in the PBR that will lead us into comparing JB Mauney with Kyle Bush of NASCAR!   But isn’t that what makes our show great?  The stories and the people that makes us watch professional sports!

We learn NASCAR has the safer barrier that has saved a few lives.  But what does it mean?   Steel and Foam Energy Reduction (SAFER) Barrier


Show Notes

  • World Series shaping up to be Dodgers and Yankees (again)
  • A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) is still rewriting the history books in sports
  • The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) stars have four legs
  • The growth and popularity of the PBR continues on…
  • PBR World Standings 
  • PBR World Finals in Las Vegas October 21-25, 2015
  • Tom Brady still has his suspensions
  • Stick’em and the technology of the football
  • Being interrupted by a fire at the Cosmopolitan in las Vegas
  • ESPN still being stupid and too politicly correct
  • Hulk Hogan loses his place in the WWE for using the N word
  • Pro Golfer Robert Allenby loses another caddy during play
  • The merits of former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman
  • Brett Favre and Green Bay Packers fans kiss and makeup


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Photo: Debbie D Anthony