Kobe, UNLV, Golden State Shockers!

Good Sports UNLV Podcast

The top trending topics for Good Sports this week all happened within the last 48 hours!!  Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game was one for the record books.  Golden State Warriors are heading to the playoffs again with a final season game that was also one for the record books and the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ (UNLV) new head basketball coach may not be the coach anymore.

NFL Draft
Los Angeles Rams get the top pick in NFL draft after a blockbuster trade with the Tennessee Titans. Showing desperation for a new franchise quarterback? The trade gives Titans plenty of top picks to fill key player positions.


NBA Dominates Sports News

Boston Celtics make miracle comeback against Miami Heat in the second half.  Normally a headline-grabbing story except this week, it was relegated to page three!  Boston Celtic beat the Miami Heat 98 – 88

Everyone was talking about Kobe Bryant.  One of the few NBA players to spend his entire career with one team, the Los Angeles Lakers.  20 years, 5 NBA Championships and he went out with style, shooting 60 points in his final game. Beating the Utah Jazz 101 – 96

Kobe was and is always about the love of the game.  Rick and Mark talk about seeing Kobe here in Las Vegas during Basketball USA and other events.

The NBA Champions Golden State Warriors heading to the playoffs again after beating the Memphis Grizzlies 125-104  while also breaking the Chicago Bulls record of most wins in a single season 73 wins and only 9 losses.

UNLV Fumbles Again With a Coach

The University of Nevada Las Vegas basketball program just never can get it right.  Living under the shadow of their greatest coach ever, Jerry Tarkanian, they have made just about every mistake a college level sports program could make while trying to run away from a legendary figure.  It’s as if they are trying to look bad on purpose

They pass up a great assistant coach who played a prominent role in the Tarkanian era’s run up to a national championship and choose another head coach who has a record of liking to leave. And he now it looks like he will leave before ever coaching a game of basketball. Former Texas Tech assistant coach Chris Beard was introduced last Friday as the UNLV basketball new coach. Now word comes that his former boss is moving on and he may take his place back in texas!

Now is this a move he instigated or one that may be from a behind the seasons mover who thinks Chris is not the man for Las vegas and needs to move him out without making look like UNLV made a bad choice to begin with.

Chris Beard likes to win, but not with big numbers and big plays. Where Las Vegas is expected to play a larger, faster game of basketball that requires more moves, more scores and more noise. Rick Rosen makes a theory that holds water. That there may be more to the story and more strings being pulled in the dark shadows of the Thomas and Mack.

Always so much more to the simple stories and Rick Rosen along with Mark Anthony at the controls, try to break it down and look at it from a different view and always with some background you don’t get anywhere else. Take a listen and tell us what you think!