Its Our New Years Day Podcast!


What a way to start the new year!  Start it with a podcast on the first day and take a look back on some of the stories that shaped the world of sports in 2015 with Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony

Our Top Sports Stories for 2015

  • Super Bowl Fallout – Last minute bad call as if they were playing high school flag football!!  That led to Deflategate
  • College Football starting to feel the heat – Players have a voice and deserve to be heard – Treated as an important part of the business.  Yes, College Sports needs to be looked at as a “for profit” business
  • American Pharoah wins triple crown and then some and still alive to tell about it – 37 years in the making
  • A-Rod still playing at the top of his game at an age most players retire
  • Las Vegas fueled some of the bigger stories in sports. Winners and losers
  • Jerry Tarkanian will be missed by a lot of people
  • Mets / Las Vegas 51’s win world series
  • Kyle Busch Wins Sprint Cup

For those of you who have never listened before to our podcast, this is where it gets interesting.  As Rick goes down the list of athletes we lost in 2015,  he throws in a lot of trivie that only a person who worked in sports media a long time would remember!

  • Basketball loses a lot of people in December – RIP
  • Meadowlark Lemon
  • NFL Football team monikers and player characters are gone. Sport is too commercialized
  • Joey Logano – NASCAR’s new bad boy??
  • JB Mauney rides it all to win the PBR World Finals
  • PRCA vs  ERA in the world of Rodeo
  • 3 NFL teams to LA?
  • Soccer, scandals and popularity
  • Pollution in Rio – Health not an issue ??
  • Boxing – Called it early it was going to be bad fight
  • Soccer bans headers – stupid move to make it politically correct and maybe safer
  • Serena Williams chokes one time – top level of the game for all these years
  • Ronda Rousey got her ass handed to her by Holly Holm
  • Police blotter – Domestic Violence – too much power to “victims” – Blame star player and he gets suspended immediately
  • Pete Rose gets no relief – Baseball has no problem with drugged up players, but hates those who bet on their own team to win!