Its Football Season!! The Podcast for Sept 10, 2015


We talk Football…  Try not to get too excited by the game tonight. Football season is a long row to hoe and will be with us until February!!  But it’s good to see it all back in living color after all the BS with the off season legal battles, prison breaks and domestic situations.  Yes, The Pittsburgh Steelers go up against the Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots to kick off the season.

The ring ceremony will disrupt the patriots, so look for a blowout, Steelers over the Patriots.. Just my thoughts.

Don’t expect to see the NFL commissioner, the great legal eagle, Roger Goodell anywhere near the stadium.  They may have even forgoten to issue him a pass anyway… .

The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s 2015 directory of NFL team bars in the Las Vegas area


Serena Williams goes against older sibling and mentor venus Williams to get Grand Slam.
Talking about the Willaims Sister’s Dynasty

What about Professional Baseball?

NL Washington Nationals Bryce Ha, a Vegas boy, expected to be voted MVP of the year. Or should be.

Cincinnati Reds First Baseman Joey Votto baseball goes ballistic on umpire.  Ejected from the game.

Finally, the baseball playoffs are in sight….

Rick breaks into his sports bookie mode with his betting tips, tricks and stupid theories people have to make a winning bet.  Love these stories from the trenches…

What about parents making kids play sports soccer/tennis??
Youth sports and misbehaving parents

Floyd Mayweather and the underwhelming battle to retire undefeated 49-0 next week… Anyone going to watch it??

Speaking of boxing and maybe not so great fighters, Rick runs down memory lane about Golden Boy, Oscar De la Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez, Hector Camacho.  How does Rick remember all this??

And we almost end with the reminder that we will be at the Boxing Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center this coming Saturday.  be there and say hello!


Photo: “2006 UT football fall scrimmage”
Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Commons