Fantasy Football and Other Sports Stuff! Podcast GSM 11/12/15

Good Sports Media Updates
This week’s Good Sports Updates is a smorgasbord of topics. Nothing too heavy.

For once, the sports police blotter is a little weak. Must be the fact that all the usual offenders are too busy working for their millions to be out offending others…  Except for the fact that The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is really digging a hole for himself and the team as he continues to support a (alleged) domestic abuser in order to maybe get his team back on the winning side!

We also hit upon the wonders of the Russian Olympic team as they were almost saved from having to endure crap infested waters in Rio next year.  Oh well. Take another hit and call it a day!


Topics Covered on This week’s Podcast

  • Las Vegas loses a great man- Paul Leckie – Popular Walmart employee
  • Jerry Jones defends Greg Hardy 10 game suspension
  • University of Missouri – Political correctness, Creating news and pulling sports into their mess
  • The hypocrisy of Johnathon Butler
  • UM coach Gary Pinkel s walking a fine line between reality and obeying the hands that feeds him
  • Names. What were parents thinking??
  • Russia Doping almost puts them out of the Olympics??
  • Russian athletes must have been heartbroken to learn they will have to compete in turd infested waters in Rio Olympics
  • Tommy Hanson former braves dies drug overdose
  • Oscar De La Hoya called out Mayweather for fighting bad opponents
  • Oscar De La Hoya was the promoters for Mayweather’s “bad fights”
  • There is no new talent in boxing pipeline.  Its with the MMA now
  • Quarterback for Ohio State caught drunk driving
  • The unbelievable life in a fishbowl for young athletes
  • Fantasy Sports  Betting is the same as prop bets. And that’s not good for the sports
  • Fantasy Sports betting is not good for sports – easy manipulate data and team owners have an ownership stake in the big internet sites


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