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The sham and the shame that is known as Deflategate may be nearing its end.  But the stupidity and the stench will linger on and has damaged the game of football forever. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to go!

As one writer for Fortune Magazine put it, referring to the NFL team owners;
Individually, they all must be smart. But put them together, and they become dumber than a bird that keeps attacking its reflection in a window.

And to think that Mr Goodell is a lawyer…  Not a very bright one, just one who has an ever-growing ego that has gotten out of control.

Making the world a little SAFER

What if head trauma in impact sports could be minimized?  What if we caught it earlier than after the professional retires?  How about if there was a way to make the sports safer with technology now used in NASCAR and INDY Car?

Rick Rosen has teamed up with Dr Dean Sicking and his team that brought us The SAFER Barrier and are planning on working on a way to take the basics of that technology and use it in headgear for impact sports players like football, boxing, MMA.

Love Boxing?

Saturday, September 12.  The world of boxing returns to Las Vegas

First up, we have the Boxing Fan Expo at the Convention Center. Check the guest list out of who will be there for fan meet & greets, photos and more: Boxing Stars such as Roberto Duran, Sergio Martinez, Ruslan Provodnikov, Fernando Vargas, Tim Bradley, Shawn Porter, James Toney, Zab Judah, Terry Norris, Joel Casamayor, Peter Quillin, Mike McCallum, Jesse Vargas, Mia St.John, Austin Trout as well as the WBC , WBA and many more to be announced will attend this year’s Expo.

We plan to be there getting interviews, meeting fans and meeting the best in the world of boxing.  So if you go, look for Rick and Mark and say Hello.

Boxing Fan Expo will also coincide with Floyd Mayweather jr. last fight later that evening and Mexican Independence weekend.

Floyd Mayweather plans to go out unbeaten as he battles Andre Berto. If he wins, he would match the 49-0 record of former heavyweight great Rocky Marciano. Mayweather has no need to break the record or go any further in his career and has called this fight is last fight.

Women in Sports

Jen Welter, the first female NFL coach, is no longer an NFL coach, as her internship ran out with the Arizona Cardinals.  Did we mention that the NFL management isn’t too bright to know a good PR move when they see it??

The New York Times did an article on the Williams sisters  and their impact on the game of tennis and what it means.  The claws were out with some of the other female tennis pros they interviewed!

Did you know that Althea Gibson was an American tennis player and the first black athlete to cross the color line of international tennis.

Odds and Ends
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