Dancing Around The Ring with Deflate-gate! Good Sports For the week

Pacquiao hugs Pacquiao

The Fight of the Century has passed and the world keeps revolving. ┬áThe Sports world turns its focus onto more pressing matter… Like the air in a football!

Join legendary sports announcer Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony on another recap of sports news from Las Vegas

  • Rick does have a refreshing point of view on the air in footballs and why this is a none issue!
  • 12 rounds of dancing and 0 rounds of boxing. What has happened to the sport??
  • Baseball – Alex Rodriguez Passes Willie Mays With 661st Home Run
  • Why the Steroid issue will not be much of a black mark in history
  • UFC gets serious about breaking the law with Jon Jones
  • A fix to help bring back the excitement that was the Kentucky Derby and chase for the Triple Crown
  • GoDaddy.com dumps Danica, or was it the other way around??
  • Former racer Sam Schmidt drives again after paralyzing accident


Photo: Tom Donoghue