After The Super Bowl Podcast


We are back and so glad the Super Bowl is behind us.  Now its on to NASCAR, Baseball and other fun sports topics and troubles!!



  • Ingrid Williams, the wife of NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams died in accident
  • Super Bowl – this was the best the NFL had??
  • Now its time for free agency and the lawyers to tear teams apart
  • Who gets the Franchise tags?
  • NFL – hypocrites on betting and Las Vegas
  • Baseball in Las Vegas in MArch – Mets vs Cubs
  • Be a Leprechaun Feb 13
  • Head Shaving March 5 for St Baldricks
  • Nascar team charter??
  • 4 cars per franchise (teams)
  • 40 starters from 43 starters
  • NASCAR Vegas Weekend March 4-6

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