New Month, Not Much New Sports!! GSM 06/05/15

The first of June, the NBA Playoffs are not at the pinnacle yet, still some wiggle room. Nothing exciting there. Its like we are caught between several big events and nothing right now… The NHL Playoffs are about the same… And maybe a chance for a Triple Crown Winner… Maybe it’s that first burst of […]

Talking About betting and the Big Fight with Johnny Avello and Rick Rosen

So this weekend Floyd Mayweather goes against Manny Pacquiao for what many have called “The Fight of the Century” Rick called up a friend of his and decided to interview him about the fight as well as about the Kentucky Derby and a few other sports topics… That friend happens to be the Director of […]

Rick Rosen Talks Sports, NASCAR, MLB, etc… 3/5/15

Rick Rosen brings you his take on all things Sports for the week of March 5, 2015. This week is NASCAR week in Las Vegas. The Hauler Parade on Thursday, Pole Day on Friday, then racing Saturday and Sunday. MLB at Cashman Center in Las Vegas No more elephants at the circus? Top Rank Boxing […]

The Big Fight. is it the end of Boxing?? And other sports updates

The fight Rick Rosen said would never happen has been announced. The fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was finally announced and the debate changed from “if” the fight happens to “what if” as in what if it is canceled? What if the fight happens? Either way, it will change the […]

Rick Talks About Tark’s Passing and other sports updates

Sports Announcer Rick Rosen’s take on all things sports for the week February 20, 2015 Highlights from today’s show The passing of legendary UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian.  The fact that Las Vegas dimmed the lights in his honor.  Something that has only happened 7 other times in the history of the neon boulevard.  The High Roller […]

Rick Rosen Sports Pre Big Game show (Super Bowl)

Due to our former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman getting into a pissing contest with the big cheese at the National Football League, we are pretty much banned from using the words “Super Bowl” in Las Vegas celebrations. So we call it “THE BIG GAME!” Now we don’t limit ourselves to just talking about deflated […]

Rick Rosen on Sports

Getting into the swing of things, it’s an open book on sports day!! Sports announcer Rick Rosen talks about the highlights in sports. The football rankings and the sportsbook. Super Bowl in Phoneix, the NFL and its sexual abuse problems. The soccer stadium to Las Vegas? and more about UFC.