Murder,Racism, and Sports

I know that it sounds like a very odd connection between murder and racism and sports but as microcosms go it’s where we find ourselves.  When we look at sports and the differences between teams and their fans the most obvious is the visual difference.  We see blue pinstriped baseball unis and we think Yankees.  Silver and black and it’s Raiders.  We see DayGlo green unis and it’s Oregon University etc. etc.  You get the point.  It is how we recognize others that are wearing what we are wearing and we generally regard them as allies.  When we see people wearing the “other” colors we recognize them as enemies who are trying to take or control what is “ours”.  This is not the invention of the world of sports.  Making sure that we can conveniently and quickly tell the difference between friend or foe to avoid combating an ally has been around long before sports.  Opposing armies have used this method of identification since the very first conflict ever erupted on our once peaceful Earth.  Before uniforms were invented these visual aids were pretty much limited to physical traits such as skin color.  When humanity started to be homogenized this led to confusion on the battlefield and mankind came up with a Plan B.  That plan was simply to take a color from the rainbow and claim it as the new and improved uniform color of the entire group of allies so that visual differences were obvious once again.  That system is still in place most everywhere that humanity finds it necessary to distinguish us from them and mainly to facilitate killing the enemy and not our friends and allies.  The Earth doesn’t care nor recognize color when upon our inevitable deaths we are returned from whence we came.  You know, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…  Military cemeteries in particular are great examples of this because they go to great lengths to make all interred there to be the same.  Row after row of identical graves and headstones.   Privates to Generals, all the same at first glance.  Of course you can glean some very limited info about the departed souls on any particular gravestone.  Pretty much name, rank, service branch, DOB and DOD but that’s it.  No adjectives to let us know what the human being looked like.  Generally speaking we all look alike in our final resting places.  We are dead for so much longer than we are alive yet we still can’t get over the most basic differences and that is how we look during our brief lives here on Earth.  There is no black and white.  There is virtually every conceivable shade of pinkish brown that the naked eye can tell from one another but no black and white.  The graveyard is the ultimate integration site.  So please tell me why people, God fearing decent people, all members of the same and ONLY race, the human race are awaiting burial in Charleston, South Carolina because their skin pigmentation let evil, pure satanic evil, cost them their precious lives?  Where are we as a civilization when we just can’t get past it?  Our differences are so miniscule when compared to our similarities whether it be our next door neighbors or half way around the world strangers.  On a baseball diamond or football field, a basketball court or a soccer pitch, that’s where these visual differences make sense and only to make the playing of any sport more playable and thus more enjoyable to watch.  Not in a church in Charleston, South Carolina nor any other place on Earth for that matter.  For God’s sake, for all of our sake this insanity has got to stop.