JB Takes Round 1 – PBR World Finals

J.B. Mauney - PBR World Finals

When J.B. Mauney is not hurt, he is unstoppable.  And on Wednesday night he was in usual form:  Healthy, focused, scratch that… lets put it that he  was laser focused and determined to be the best.  He did not disappoint the fans.  Posting the only 91 point ride and one of only 8 riders to cover their bulls.  (out of 40 riders, only 8 stayed on their bull for the full 8 seconds) He won the round and pretty much clinched the world title for the second time.  Its not a sure thing, but doubtful anyone can catch his lead.

This was round one of the 22nd annual Professional Bull Riders World Finals. This will be the last PBR world finals to be held at the Thomas & Mack, as they will move everything over to the new MGM Las Vegas Arena next year. There are six rounds over 5 nights.  Everything ends Sunday night and they award over million in cash with the World Champion going home with a cool Million!

Round 2 is tonite and starts at 6pm PST…  Check your local listings for channel and show times.  But its always better live!!


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