After The Super Bowl Podcast

We are back and so glad the Super Bowl is behind us.  Now its on to NASCAR, Baseball and other fun sports topics and troubles!!     Ingrid Williams, the wife of NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams died in accident Super Bowl – this was the best the NFL had?? Now its […]

Is it the Super Bowl Yet??

As we come to the end of the NFL playoffs and wonder what in the world are we watching?  Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony talk about what may be a watchable Super Bowl 50, not for the talent of the teams or maybe because of the lack of talent of the teams that are winning.  Plus […]

Its Our New Years Day Podcast!

What a way to start the new year!  Start it with a podcast on the first day and take a look back on some of the stories that shaped the world of sports in 2015 with Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony Our Top Sports Stories for 2015 Super Bowl Fallout – Last minute bad call as […]

Tickets to Kobe’s Bryant’s Last Game are Hot!!

One of the most famous and maybe the greatest basketball players of this time, Kobe Bryant, if his legs hold out, will play his final professional game at the LA Lakers home court against the Utah Jazz on April 3, 2016. And ticket prices are already climbing in price four months away! Bryant announced his […]

Vegas Boy Gets NASCAR Champ and other sports stuff- GSM 11/23/15

The Birthday boy Rick Rosen is fired up and ready for another Good Sports Update.  Be careful we have a lot to cover, so watch for name dropping, trivia highlights and a few bad jokes we launch into another exciting podcast! Our beloved host and senior member of the Good Sports Media team, Rick Rosen […]

Fantasy Football and Other Sports Stuff! Podcast GSM 11/12/15

This week’s Good Sports Updates is a smorgasbord of topics. Nothing too heavy. For once, the sports police blotter is a little weak. Must be the fact that all the usual offenders are too busy working for their millions to be out offending others…  Except for the fact that The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones […]

Saving The Head -Good Sports Updates – Nov 6, 2016 | podcast

This week at Good Sports Media, it was all about saving the head.  The one on top of your shoulders.  The fact is that most sports-related concussions in pro athletes are the result of years of abuse caused by the lack of proper protection during their youth activities.  That is carried on into college and even […]