Want the Boxer or the Puncher? Good Sports for the week 4/23/15

On Saturday, May 2, Manny Pacquiao will meet Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas for what is termed THE boxing match of this young century and the one match that will determine the future of the sport of boxing.  Rick Rosen and Mark Anthony of Good Sports Media takes on the challenge of breaking down the […]

Live This Friday from twin Peaks!

Good Sports Media with Rick and Mark is going Live and in person!! Click Here to get notified or to watch it live

Rick Picks The Dukies…

Krzyzewski and Ryan sounds like two guys who worked next to each other in a steel mill in 1915 America. Do you have any idea how many Scrabble points there are in Krzyzewski? Duke vs Wisconsin looks to be exactly as I said earlier in last team standing winning it all. Duke got up off […]

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, & Ludacris

Post Super Bowl Commentary and Sports Updates

By now, everyone pretty well agrees that the last minute Fup-Uck at the one yard line will go down as the absolute worst play in Super Bowl (or football) history.  But will it cause heads to roll?  People to lose their jobs?  Change teams??  Time will tell.  But it was bad for the sport of […]

Rick Gets Shaved For Nana

Legendary Las Vegas sports photographer and Internet talk show Host, Rick Rosen went bald for the cause.  Actually Rick went bald for his 9 year old granddaughter (Nanna), a Wilms tumor survivor.  (Wilms Tumor is a type of kidney cancer that occurs in children).  The event was the annual St. Baldrick’s “Shaving the way to cure […]

Women’s Sevens set for Vegas splash

Sam Boyd Stadium is hosting professional Rugby this weekend.  It’s the US stop on the seven stop circuit called the HSBC Sevens World Series. This is an annual elite-level competition series between nations, whose top professional rugby players compete against each other throughout the year for the World Series Title. National Teams compete for the […]